Accounting, tax and administrative consultancy

Our firm supports businesses in the management of all activities relating to their administrative, accounting and tax affairs. In particular, it offers services in relation to:

  • accounting management
  • preparation of financial statements
  • management control
  • ISA (Indica sintetici di affidabilit√† – Summary reliability indices) forms from the Italian Tax Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate)
  • advice on VAT, direct and Indirect Taxes
  • tax liabilities
  • management of tax disputes

Subsidised finance

Our firm assists clients in:

  • monitoring calls for applications and reporting of new opportunities
  • preliminary assessments of the existence of requirements for participation in the programme
  • preparation of economic – financial, technical and administrative documentation and submission of the application
  • assistance in relations with the public body providing the subsidy
  • administrative management of the project
  • interim and final reporting
  • search for strategic partners, including companies, universities and research centres

Business and corporate consultancy

Our firm supports companies in all their business decisions with customised advice. It is able to support the clients in identifying and organising the most suitable governance arrangements for every phase of the company’s existence, as well as to assist the corporate bodies in the preparation of the information flows to the various stakeholders in compliance with current legislation.

Patent Box

The Patent Box is an incentive aimed at encouraging investment in research and development activities and in the digital transformation of companies. It is an optional system of reduced taxation from the exploitation of intangible assets (intangibles).

Studio Di Capua & Partners offers assistance to its clients who can benefit from this particular incentive thanks to the expertise of chartered accountant Andrea Perlini.

The patent box currently applies to the following subsidised goods:

  • Copyright-protected software
  • Patents for industrial inventions, both granted and pending
  • Biotechnological inventions and complementary protection certificates
  • Patents or certificates for topographies, plant varieties and semiconductors
  • Designs and models
  • Utility models
  • Corporate know-how.


The Firm offers interested Clients a free pre-feasibility analysis to verify the existence of the requirements for access to the subsidised scheme.







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