Restructuring and business crisis management

One of the main activities of the Di Capua studio is the management of loss-making enterprises. This is a very delicate moment in the life of a business, in which having the right consultant at your side can make all the difference. This is especially true when the process is at an advanced stage and is It is essential to quickly identify the best solution to safeguard the assets of the business. Arrangements with creditors, debt restructuring agreements and certified rescue plans are procedures that, if properly set up, can be decisive in resolving a business crisis.
Furthermore, Studio Di Capua is equipped to provide assistance in the corporate liquidation phase. Where it is appropriate, it can also act as liquidator. In this phase, businesses are guided through all the steps, from the liquidation of the assets to the payment of debts and finally to the cessation of activity.

    Studio Di Capua has gained considerable experience in processes to aid the recovery and rescue of loss-making businesses.


    In particular, it deals with:

  • arrangement with creditors procedures (pursuant to Article 160 LF (Legge fallimentare – Insolvency law)
  • debt restructuring agreements (pursuant to Article 182-bis LF)
  • recovery plans (pursuant to Article 67 LF)
  • corporate reorganisations
  • assistance in arriving at out-of-court settlements
  • turnaround operations
  • Dr Raffaele Di Capua also draws up certificates of the feasibility of arrangements with creditors, restructuring agreements and recovery plans


During the life of a company, there can be crucial steps requiring out-of-the-ordinary operations that are key requirements to achieving certain goals. These include, for example, a growth in size through the acquisition of a competitor company, the spin-off of a division of a business from the main activity, the separation of the company’s real estate assets from ordinary management.
Studio di Capua supports businesses and investors in the activities of:

  • mergers
  • acquisitions of equity investments in listed and unlisted companies
  • acquisitions of companies or company divisions
  • demergers
  • business transfers
  • private equity transactions
  • joint venture agreements
  • corporate and business reorganisations
  • establishment of new companies

Our firm can also act as Financial Advisors and as such can assist clients, among other things, in:

  • the search for a buyer / investor
  • preliminary negotiations
  • due diligence
  • negotiations
  • the closing

Business Planning

In consultation with the management of the client company, our firm can draw up:

  • industrial and financial plans
  • reports to support strategic decisions
  • cost containment and relaunch plans

Our firm can support companies in negotiating with credit institutions from the initial phase to the final closing.

Valuations of businesses

Our firm has gained many years of experience in valuations of businesses and is able to draw up appraisals of businesses, divisions and company shareholdings to identify their value in the context of M&A, private equity investment or listing on financial markets.







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