Accountants and external auditors

Studio Di Capua is an independent boutique accountancy firm with offices in Rome and Milan.
It specialises in business crises and corporate restructuring as well as extraordinary business transactions, corporate M&A and due diligence.

Key Activities


We deal with the restructuring and management of loss-making businesses, corporate M&A, business planning and valuations.


We provide a consulting service dealing with accounting, tax and administrative matters, subsidised finance, business and corporate consultancy.

Business crisis

One of the main activities of Studio Di Capua is the management of business crisis, a very delicate moment in the life of a company, in which having the right consultant at your side can make all the difference. This is especially true when the process is at an advanced stage and It is essential to quickly identify the best solution to safeguard the assets of the business.

Working method

Thanks to our wide-ranging professional network, we are able to field a team of professionals in the tax, legal and general consultancy fields that is best suited to each assignment.

Track Records